Motorcycle Detailing Services

Whether your bike has lots of chrome, or is covered by painted plastic, we have the skill and products necessary to bring your bike back to showroom condition. Our motorcycle packages are listed below.

Regular Wash $40 -On Sale for $30

Motorcycle is first rinsed to remove surface dirt and contaminants. Degreaser is sprayed and allowed to dwell on the motor, bottom of the bike and wheels to remove any road tar, oils, and grease. Bike is then washed by hand with a microfiber mitt making sure not to scratch the bike. Bike is completely dried and wiped down to ensure there are no spots or streaks remaining. 

Wash & Wax $70 - On Sale for $60

After we thoroughly wash your bike and dry it, we apply a wax to the paintwork. The wax creates that glossy shine and provides protection from the elements.

Full Detail $120 - On Sale for $100

We go over every inch of your bike whether it is for show or a daily rider to get all the grime out. The seat leather and all plastics are cleaned and conditioned. Wax is then applied and all chrome and polished. Aluminum is polished to a mirror shine. 
Pricing varies per vehicle size and condition.